Monday, July 23, 2012

Fourteen possible illegal aliens die in truck crash.

In the south of the State of Texas, a truck packed with up to 28 people ran off the road into the woods, crashing into trees, throwing people off the truck and killing 14 of them.

Police say that more than likely, they were illegals, as the truck had just crossed over from Mexico.

(Huh?  Since when did ICE let a truck packed with 28 illegals enter the US?)

Well, I guess they could have picked them up at the side of the road inside the US, but if coyotes had already gotten them past the border guard, why then pick them up?  This is probably more complicated then it seems at first.

If ever there was a poster picture for changing immigration law, this is it.  When people are desperate enough to not only risk their lives crossing the border through desert in the high summer in Texas, and then are willing to pack 28 people deep into a pickup truck that isn't designed to carry more then three people safely, there is a reason why.

All it takes is a guest worker program.  Specify that workers entering under this program are not allowed to apply for citizenship unless they return to their home country for six months or longer and apply for entry under the regular immigration program, if that is your big worry.  Hell, you can even lobby for a Constitutional amendment to not allow their kids to be American citizens if you are worried about that, too.  Even better, create another program as well, for Mexicans willing to live in Mexico and work across the border in Texas border towns.  Then you've got few worries about anchor babies, anyway.

But damn it, change the stupid law!  We can argue till the cows come home about the rules and regulations to govern such a program, but dang it, this kind of thing should shout out that it is needed, and needed badly.

Another thing the Republicans are wrong about.

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