Monday, July 02, 2012

Living in the 19th Century

Hey, in case you didn't hear, Washington D.C., and environs got hit by a monster thunderstorm Friday night.

So, we have no power (till maybe Friday), no landline  (because Verizon FIOS' UPS on their optical lines die after just a fraction of their rated time) and since AT&T's tower network in this area was so very vulnerable for some unknown reason, no cell service either.

Hence the title of this post, except at work, we are cast back into the 19th century - no phones, no electricity and no cell phones.  There is that little anachronism called the automobile (in the "person" of my 2010 Altima) which, sitting in my driveway alluringly reminding me of the real century in which I allegedly live, aside from charging my useless cell phones and getting me to my 21st century worksite, does little but rub salt in the open wounds.

Modern civilization is truly fragile.

See you folks on the other side of this disaster.  My connection to the intertubes is truly limited.


Linda N said...

Robert, I'v e just now been able to get back on the internet. I have been worried about you and all my friends in that area...thankfully, you and your family are OK...but it is the total pits to be without ALL lines of communication...!


Anonymous said...

Now you know how the other half of the planet lives. There are places in Africa and also in South America where people still live without electricity, safe water and sanitation. I know, I was born in the capital of Paraguay. I remember that just going few kilometers down in the countryside you could find communities living exactly like this. This was 12 years ago. I don't expect that it has changed much.

Robert Ahrens said...

Believe me, anon, that was one of my first thoughts. It will probably be the subject of a postin the near future.

Robert Ahrens said...

Cell service is back - albeit spotty at times. But very welcome, for sure!