Monday, July 16, 2012

The Right Wing Smear Machine Strikes Again!

The right wing is passing this photo around Facebook:

My answer to the poster was this:

You didn't get to hear what he was talking about. The right wing smear machine just copied what they WANTED you to hear. What he said just before that was that business is successful in America, not ONLY because of individual hard work, but because the infrastructure, the roads, the air traffic control system, the safe environment that allows business to operate safely without political instability, wasn't built by the small business owner. It was built by Americans who banded together, built a government to ensure that those things are there for the GENERAL WELFARE. 
Remember that phrase from the Declaration of Independence? This is what that means, and THAT is what Obama was talking about.  
It's what the right wing smear machine doesn't want you to know. I know it because I heard that part of the speech. You didn't because the right wing smear machine cut it off so you wouldn't. 
Maybe if you stopped listening to Fox News, you'd be better informed.

The right wing is getting desperate when they've got to lie.  Of course, they've been lying like this for quite a while, so their desperation isn't new.  It's just getting worse.

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