Saturday, July 07, 2012

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

Stuck at 8.2%, unemployment is.  What's going on?  Is it an intransigent Congress?  A weak, powerless President?

None of the above.  It is an obstructionist Republican Party, who has promised its base that it will make Obama a one term President.  A lot of wealthy republicans have joined the bandwagon, delaying hiring for the purpose of holding unemployment high.  Why?

Because, historically, no President with unemployment over about 7% or so has been re-elected.  So, simplistically, they've decided that the magic pill is to keep unemployment high.

But will it work?

Don't hold your breath.

Last night, Rachael Maddow had a guest for her interview, one Harvey Weinstein, a Democratic fundraiser for the Obama campaign.  After airing some pretty alarming statistics about how the Republicans are outgunning the Dems in fund raising, she introduced Mr. Weinstein, and asked him the $64,000.00 question:  why?  Why are the Democratic big guns holding back?

Weinstein was cheerful, energetic and upbeat when he answered that they were simply confident that it wasn't necessary to spend that kind of money.  Romney, he said, is such a poor candidate the Republicans have to field that kind of money to try to ensure a victory!  He noted that if and when the Democratic big donors feel it is needed, then they'll donate and spend.  Until then, sit back and grin!

Is he right?  Who knows? I am not a political pundit, nor do I have an inside track into what the two parties are thinking right now.

All I know is that, given my own status as a normal, average Joe, listening to both parties, my thinking runs like this:

The Democrats, as usual, are timid, appear weak and hesitant, and are slow to take political advantage of Republican missteps, which are legion this year.  Obama has taken the high road so often, one wonders if he ever really learned how to ride the low road while in Chicago!  On one hand, that's a good thing, since it contrasts so sharply with Republican nastiness.  On the other, missed opportunities.

But the Republicans...ah, the Republicans!  Let me count the ways they've just plain gone off the rails this year.  Well, I would, but I think there's some sort of character limit here somewhere.  I'd likely exceed it!  They're just plain crazy.  I think the term used in Democratic circles is that they're living on the planet Wingnutia.   They sure don't seem to be living on Earth.

After campaigning on the mantra "jobs, jobs, jobs" in the 2010 election, almost the first thing they did was pass anti-abortion legislation, which they've hardly let up on.  To date, not a single item proposed by the Republican led House has been a serious piece of legislation designed to stimulate job growth.  None, nada, nothing.  Social legislation, tax breaks for the rich just about sums up the Republican legislation calendar this year.

Now, as I noted, I'm nothing special.  I'm just an average Joe, working a job to put bread on the table, pay the bills and try to save a little for retirement.  So I think that guy Weinstein has something going for him, cause I sees all sorts of crazy on the Republican side this year, nutty stuff.  Just off the rail crazy stuff.  I can hardly think that I am so smart that nobody else is seeing the same things I am.  So, I think the Republicans are in big trouble this year.

What do you think?

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Oldfart said...

I think Obama is in big trouble because he didn't go far enough when he had Congress with his economic stimulus. There are people without jobs who think that a change is appropriate because Obama hasn't done enough. Nevermind the fact that the Republican "plan" will only negatively affect jobs and their lives.