Saturday, October 20, 2012

2012 GOP Voter Guide of ReBiblican Candidates – Texas Edition -Part VII is now out!

They've posted Part VII - and the only State on it is Texas.  I know us Texans have been telling everybody since the beginning that Texas has more and bigger stuff than anybody, but I do wish that we could do without the stupid, crazy religious windbags!  Ouch - that hurts!
Update: With each post I include the same introduction from the first post for those who may be seeing this one first which gives the background that motivated us to undertake this project. Please go back to Parts I, II, III, IV,V and VII to see the candidates listed in those states if you have not yet seen them. Texas is particularly heinous so we are giving it a post all to itself. The sheer numbers in Texas are shocking.
 Go look and share this one with all your Texas friends and family!

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