Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Election Blues.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am frustrated by this election.

Not the crazy wingnuts, although they are nuts.  Not the campaign promises, although those are bad enough.  Not even the endless campaign commercials, since those provide ample opportunity for bathroom breaks and trips to the fridge!

No, what is driving me crazy is the fact that every doggone discussion with a Republican turns into a slugfest over facts vs. lies.  Even the supposedly sane ones eventually trot out either the birth certificate or the “foreign student enrollment” gig - although they usually wait on those until you’ve shown every other thing they’ve said to be a lie.

This is the result of this country allowing a network like Fox to call itself a “News” network, although there is little they can really point to that proves they have a real journalism bone in any of their lying bodies.  The reality is that it is a propaganda organ of the Koch brothers and other rich Republicans.

It is where the stories originate which fuel the entire Republican liefest about liberals, muslims, foreigners or whomever the enemy of the day happens to be.  Not to mention the entire structure of propaganda which has convinced the working class that the rich really give a damn about them and voting for rich guys will ever put money in their pockets instead of getting sucked into the bank accounts of the rich.  A major clue was when Palin advised all of her fellow Republicans during her (fortunately) unsuccessful run for VP that they should only allow Fox News to interview them, since really, only Fox will ask the “right” questions, meaning softball stuff of no real meaning but which set the stage for their prevarications and campaign lies.  Remember the candidate who had his security detail “arrest” a reporter who insisted on asking embarrassing questions?

I remember a time (yes, that dates me) when any politician would grant an interview to a reporter from the mainstream media.  Yes, they all had the individual reporters they’d blackballed within their own campaigns for being particularly unfriendly, but largely, they weren’t afraid to answer tough questions.

The fact that an entire political party now will rarely grant such interviews to reporters not working for Fox is telling.  They are hiding from the truth, afraid to answer tough questions because their statements are so crazy and full of lies, untruth or crazy religious junk.

I repeat my assertion that the Republican Party is in trouble.  When an entire party has to lie and twist the truth in order to get enough of the electorate to vote for them, their days of political viability are numbered.

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