Friday, October 19, 2012

The Kryptonite Project has Part VI up now!

2012 GOP Voter Guide of ReBiblican Candidates – Part VI is now posted!  Pennsylvania through Tennessee, and soon all 50 States will be posted!  Go there now and see what your State has to offer in the way of Dominionist politicians!
Update: Today’s post includes national candidates from Pennsylvania through Tennessee, and will soon have the entire 50 states represented in our list. With each post I include the same introduction from the first post for those who may be seeing this one first which gives the background that motivated us to undertake this project. Please go back to Parts I, II, III, IV and V to see the candidates listed in those states if you have not yet seen them.
Support their efforts, this kind of information is very important to get out to those who have no idea how harmful their local politicians' support of Dominionism is!

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