Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Man up, Republicans!

This has got to be the worst election, in regards to bad feelings on both sides, than I’ve ever seen.  Republicans saying ridiculously stupid and wrong things about women’s reproduction and rape, repeatedly.  The refusal of the Republican nominee to repudiate those statements, the use of racist dog whistles to appeal to right wing bigots and above all, the repeated use of not simply twisted statements or barely recognizable statements, but of out and out lies by the Romney campaign to manipulate the Republican base and the rest of any part of the electorate that has the stupidity to listen to his lies.

Sure, the Obama campaign and other Democrats have used the typical prevarications, misleading ads and expertly edited clips to help make Romney look bad (as if he really needs any assistance in that regard!).  But the politically neutral fact check sites have proven several times more lies - and yes, I mean out and out lies - on the part of the Republicans than the Democrats even have of misleading ads alone.

It makes me angry.

Not because I expect any election to be the shining example on the hill of how elections should go according to strict legality and ethical considerations. No, I doubt that any nation on earth has reached that lofty level of human honesty yet.  Sure as hell not the US this year!

I am angry at the right wing nutjobs who talk about freedom, liberty and justice who then  do everything they can to show that they don’t respect any of those terms and, indeed, don’t even seem to know what they mean any more!  I am angry at the press, who don’t seem to understand what the role of the press is in an election, and instead pander to whichever party takes their fancy.

I am angry at the religious organizations in this ocuntry who have taken political sides and are just as busy as the Republicans at lying and twisting facts while giving their congregants voting orders for November 6th.

I am angry at Republicans who have wrapped themselves in the flag for decades, yet now, when their policies are unpopular and they’ve nominated a man even they don’t respect, are moving heaven and earth to suppress the vote of democrats, in violation of every value and every principle this country was founded on.

In the language of the misogynistic morons who make up the majority of the modern Republican party,  “Guys’, man up!  You’re losing, your policies are unpopular, your politicians are lying to you daily, and the entire world is laughing at you!  Stop being a bunch of morons.  Take those principles you claim to love, both secular and religious, and start living them!”

But they won’t.  Pride - simple pride, which, in the words of their purported savior, goeth before a fall, is keeping them from seeing the truth.

It would be sad, if it didn’t impact 350 million Americans.

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