Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dominionism, named and explained!

First, this post is to link to The Kryptonite Project's final, full page list of Republican politicians who are supported and support the Dominionist movement in this country!

Please go look!

That's only the first thing that post is all about.

If you have any questions about Dominionism and what it is, that post is the place to begin.  A sample:

UPDATE: For all of you out there who are not reading the content of this post accurately, and who actually jump to absurd conclusions that we are in any way promoting these candidates, I encourage you to read the intro. If you still think that there is any ambiguity then I wish you and all other trolls a goodnight. 
We did it! Nicole Nichols and I have finally made it through all 50 states, pulling from our lengthy research of those politicians who are running for re-election, and in some cases for the first time, who meet the criteria as a ReBiblican – not a Republican. To clarify, a ReBiblican is someone who believes the following main belief: 
America was founded as a Christian nation 
Mixed into this erroneous belief are what some in the the world of Christian Dominionism refer to as Reclaiming the 7 Mountains of Culture. Here are the basic tenets of this skewed scripture-twisted biblical world view shared in part or whole by these following candidates: 
Religion Mountain – Freedom of religion is restricted to those they deem the “right kind of Christian”, all other religions are here on probation and they had best not get too comfortable. 
Family Mountain – means one man, one woman and minorities are still suspect as fit parents. 
Education Mountain – Public education is bad. Public schools are secular indoctrination centers who block the worship through prayer and song of their version of Christianity. 
Business Mountain – More is blessed! The more you make, the wealthier you become, the stronger the affirmation as a message from God that you are truly the elect. Controlling business = controlling government. 
Arts & Entertainment Mountain – Crippling secular arts programs opens doors for Dominionist influence and entertainment that fits their views as the “right kind of message”. 
Government/Military – Privatization eliminates regulation that separated church and state and military infestation sets up global proselytizing opportunities under the guise of “nation building” and the use of authoritarian power to harvest souls among our own ranks. 
Media Mountain – They are as aware as the rest of us that media plays an extremely influential role in forming the opinions of American voters.
This is alarming, that any American candidate for public office would hold these beliefs - they are completely anti-thetical to every principle outlined and enshrined in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence - let alone the majority of a single Party which has made freedom, liberty and individual rights the centerpiece of its values.

Please, you should not only go look to see who the politicians in your State are who support this horrible value system, but you should spread this site's url far and wide.  Post this on Facebook, share it with everybody you know.

This one page, even more than anything else, explains why these folks are so dangerous.  Make no mistake about it, this movement is dangerous.  If McCarthy thought that the Communists were dangerous, these folks make them look like kindergarten bullies.

Please, spread the word!


Anonymous said...

Magnificent! (As usual. :-P )

Getting Attwood Published said...

I think readers of this blog and this post will find this dystopia novel of interest: "Rabbletown: Life in These United Christian States of Holy America," set in 2084. The religious right has won politically and the Pastor President and the Pastor Governors rule with a Bible in each fist and the computer in your hovel.

Robert Ahrens said...

Thanks for the suggestion. It sounds very interesting, kind of along the lines of 1984, only in a religious sense.