Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Imprecatory Prayer. Again. Such Good Christians!

If you don't know who Mikey Weinstein is, go to the web page at the Military Freedom From Religion Foundation where his bio is outlined.  His work there is critical to struggling against the fundamentalist assault on the neutrality of the US Military.  Accordingly, he is hated and constantly railed against by the fundies who he has thwarted again and again.

Well, they aren't about to let an opportunity to excoriate him go by without giving it the good old college try, by attempting to frighten him away from the 35th reunion of his Air Force Academy graduating class by sending him a hostile letter, threatening to engage in imprecatory prayer to ask the Lord and Jesus to do bad things to him!

A short excerpt:

On behalf of our classmates, I ask and beg you to publicly announce that you are withdrawing from the speech at UCCS. And that you and your wife Bonny will not be attending our Class of 1977 Academy reunion. We will give you until this Wednesday night to do this. If you refuse to do it then we will pray the Psalm 109. We will pray at home and at church. Our families will pray it together. We will pray to the Lord to stop your poison. We will pray the Psalm against you and your wife and all those who give you sanctuary and protection in Colorado Springs.
Let me be clear. None of us will harm you or your wife. That would be illegal and wrong. It is not our place to mete out the justice and punishment you and your followers deserve and have earned. We won’t have to. The Lord will. It is our God-given right to pray for His intervention and protection from your evil. Even under the Constitution you worship as an idol in place of the Son of God.
Reconsider and know the Power of Prayer. Fear the Power of Christ, Michael Weinstein (1 Peter 1: 17-21).

Oh, my!  Such Christian charity and love!  Doesn't it just make you shake?  (Yes, it does, with laughter...)

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